Rolling for Damage at GenCon 2014!

I am back and at least part-time blogging about gaming. With D&D 5th Edition [which is what they’re calling it in GenCon event listings, rather than Next] finally arriving this summer, it seemed an appropriate time to return to blogging about the rules I wasted so many words on back during the playtest. 🙂

[And for any old readers saying, “Wait, weren’t all those old posts written by a dude named Brian?” — please go browse my other blog a bit to understand what’s going on.]

One of the best years I had at GenCon was in 2000, the year D&D 3E came out. I was an RPGA member (actually a Triad member helping to create the Living Greyhawk campaign), and I was deeply involved in the RPGA side of the rollout of that edition. It was a blast! I didn’t make it to GenCon the year 4th Edition released (and I didn’t want to be), but I fully intended from early on to make it to the roll-out of 5th.

And sure enough, I’m planning to be there. My badge is already secured and I’m in the process of making my schedule. For some of the time, I will be volunteering with Baldman Games to run the official D&D 5th Edition rollout modules and to help players create characters. I have a room reservation — I’m travelling with a group — and I’m in the process of making sure my work schedule is clear. I have also switched my long-standing RPGA account over to my new name, an act that was harder than I expected it to be (WotC must approve and alter the record change themselves), so all my identification at the con should be consistent.

I’m not sure how I will fill my non-volunteer hours. All but one of the 5th Edition events sold out in minutes, so I’m not going to be playing too much D&D. I am tempted to bring along my Hordes Trollbloods army and engage in some WarmaHordes action, but I am so out of touch with the game at this point that my army would probably get its butt handed to it in short order. Still, Iron Arena is out there and I may just have to join in. I also want to get in on the Malifaux rules demo — I have yet to try out the new edition — and I think I’m going to spend some time in the modelling and painting seminars.

Also, if there’s a game anyone out there thinks I should give a try, let me know! My previous GenCons were all about playing one or two games I loved; this time, I want to try a variety of events.

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