Poking Around the Starter Set Wizard

At this point, we’re so close to the release of the Basic Rules, and so much has been leaked or previewed anyway, that this feels a little aimless. Still, I figured I’d round out my week by looking at the last previewed Starter Set PC to see what jumps out at me. Honestly, there’s little

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Poking Around the Starter Set Cleric

As I did recently with the Starter Set Fighter, I decided to take the newly previewed Starter Set Cleric and see how closely I could recreate it using the final playtest packet rules. Something’s up with racial stat bonuses. With the Fighter I kind of ignored this element, as I had no reliable point of comparison. But

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Poking Around the Starter Set Fighter

I’m sure by now may of you have already seen the Starter Set Fighter preview that was released earlier this week. For fun, I decided to sit down and recreate the Fighter using the final Playtest rules we got last September, just to see where the differences were. Here’s some of the things I noticed:

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Even Munchkins Can Have Souls

When it comes to making PCs, I am a character builder first and a stats munchkin second. I will sub-optimize my combat prowess for the sake of a good concept. A barbarian who eschews magic weapons in favor of her cherished but non-magical blade? Been there. A changeling sorcerer who goes around pretending she’s a cleric and

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Additive Advantage [5th Edition House Rule]

On the whole, I am a fan of the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons. However, my gaming group was not fond of some aspects of the Advantage/Disadvantage rule; they felt that the current Advantage/Disadvantage rule (as of the final playtest packet) goes too far in abstracting the combat situation from reality. This is my first house rule, then: a change to Advantage that preserves the game math while also making Advantage more dynamic and interesting.