The Official-ish Answer to the Sentinel Problem

What’s the best way to spend a Sunday morning? Annoying the designers of D&D. But I have an excuse: I reealllyy needed an answer to this one. I give you: The Official-ish answer to the Sentinel Problem. The short version: Sentinel triggers after the triggering attack resolves. Which makes a lot of sense. I mean,

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Additive Advantage [5th Edition House Rule]

On the whole, I am a fan of the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons. However, my gaming group was not fond of some aspects of the Advantage/Disadvantage rule; they felt that the current Advantage/Disadvantage rule (as of the final playtest packet) goes too far in abstracting the combat situation from reality. This is my first house rule, then: a change to Advantage that preserves the game math while also making Advantage more dynamic and interesting.

Kai In The Bright Desert

Long time, no see! After a grueling couple of weeks that included not just one but TWO plumbing-related floods in my basement, I have finally got back around to the business of playtesting D&D Next. I have a regular bi-weekly game starting up in September. In fact, it was supposed to begin on Labor Day

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