Poking Around the Starter Set Fighter

I’m sure by now may of you have already seen the Starter Set Fighter preview that was released earlier this week. For fun, I decided to sit down and recreate the Fighter using the final Playtest rules we got last September, just to see where the differences were. Here’s some of the things I noticed:

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Additive Advantage [5th Edition House Rule]

On the whole, I am a fan of the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons. However, my gaming group was not fond of some aspects of the Advantage/Disadvantage rule; they felt that the current Advantage/Disadvantage rule (as of the final playtest packet) goes too far in abstracting the combat situation from reality. This is my first house rule, then: a change to Advantage that preserves the game math while also making Advantage more dynamic and interesting.

Kai In The Bright Desert

Long time, no see! After a grueling couple of weeks that included not just one but TWO plumbing-related floods in my basement, I have finally got back around to the business of playtesting D&D Next. I have a regular bi-weekly game starting up in September. In fact, it was supposed to begin on Labor Day

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The Further Adventures of Dwarfio

Last week’s introduction to D&D Next left an impression on my son Daniel, and he began asking me when we could play again. So this weekend we sat down to finish the Dwarf Brothers’ adventure in the goblin caves. He insisted on using minis and a map this time, but I insisted he finish it

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Teaching My Son D&D Next

My son Daniel just turned eight years old, and I’m happy to say he has the spark of a gamer in him. He loves video games, especially Mario, Angry Birds, and Skylanders. On the tabeltop, he really likes Battleship and Zombie Dice. He also gets a kick out of things like BeyBlade and Ninjago and

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